Dalia Danish
Clinical and Neuropsychologist

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About Dalia Danish

Clinical and Neuropsychologist

  • Dalia Danish holds a cognitive neuroscience degree from the University of Cambridge, and is a registered member of the British Psychological Society (Clinical and Neuropsychology Divisions). Dalia Danish conducts her sessions using an eclectic approach and is a strong advocate of client empowerment.

    Parallel to her practical clinical work, Dr. Danish is a published author, university lecturer and has led interviews in the media.

  • Over the last 15 years, she continued to treat children and adults with several issues including
    Eating disorders Sexuality/ sexual issues
    Relationship problems
    Suicidal thoughts
    Trauma and PTSD
    Panic attacks
    Cultural identity
    Self-esteem Meaninglessness/ futility of life
    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
    Crisis management Addictions
    ADD and ADHD
    Developmental issues
    Autism spectrum disorders

  • Having lived, worked and studied in a multitude of countries Dr. Danish communicates in four languages fluently (French English, German and Arabic). Danish worked in several countries that include The Max Planck Institute for Psychological Research in Germany and the Robert-Debré Hospital in Paris.


Dr. Danish uses an eclectic method combining her knowledge in neuroscience, CBT, DBT, BMT, EMDR, hypnotherapy and alternative medicine.
Therapy and assessment are conducted with children, adolescents, adults and couples as well as geriatric patients.

Why Therapy?

People seek help both to resolve personal difficulties and to positively help lead richer and deeper lives. Stress is an inevitable part of life. In fact, any change, positive or negative can cause stress which in turn may affect things such as your physical activity and even your eating patterns. Dalia Danish provides you with a set of programs and tools to help you overcome such stress so that you can lead a healthy life both mentally and physically.

What to expect

Dalia Danish, expert in Cognitive Neuroscience, will provide you with a set of customized tools to improve your performance in different aspects of your life (such as work, leisure, relationships, concentration, sleep, weight management) Recent scientific breakthroughs have proven that a positive change in thought process will have a direct effect on brain chemistry and structure. Being provided with the appropriate tools to change your thinking pattern, you can better manage your life, mentally and physically.
Dalia Danish is also expert in hypnotherapy, EMDR and relaxation training... specialized techniques to help you relax and better manage emotional and psychosomatic problems.

Types of Therapy

Individual Therapy

Couples Therapy


Child Therapy

Detox, weight loss and Life style coaching



Consultations may last between 60 minutes to 2 hours. This is a comprehensive evaluation focusing on your current symptoms, history and current coping strategies. It may include or be followed by further screening of psychometric testing. Your customized treatment plan will then be devised.


Psychotherapy is conducted in 4 languages using an eclectic methodology and a client centered approach.


Through Hypnotherapy Dr Danish will help you beat unwanted habits in less than 5 sessions.

Detox and Weight Loss

Dr Danish will help you completely change your eating habits and make friends with your body using an eclectic mix of hypntherapy and neuroscientific awareness building. You will become your own expert!

Lifestyle Coaching

Dr Danish will provide you with a set of customized tools to maximise your performance in different aspects of your day to day life (such as work, relationships, concentration, sleep AND leisure).

Articles, Publications and Press

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Everyone is entitled to confidentiality with respect to his or her private information. This is especially important when it comes to the sensitive and personal nature of psychological care and counseling. Because client privacy is of utmost importance, all sessions as confidential and anonymous.


Charges for the initial assessment session are based on a 50 - 120 minute session. The initial session is charged at €120
Payment is expected prior to the delivery of the service.

Fees for further consultations are charged on a 50 minute basis. Subsequent consultations are charged at €80. Payment is expected prior to the delivery of the service. Consultations are usually scheduled on a weekly basis.

You may pre-book 10 sessions at a rate of €600. This will include your initial 50-120 minute assessment and 9 subsequent 50 minute sessions. Payment of 50% (€300) is expected prior to delivery of every 5 sessions.

Because the therapist’s time is reserved for you, you will be charged for all appointments made unless you notify her by SMS or using the contact form below at least 24 hours in advance.

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